The Four-Week Challenge

Swedish title: Olgas utmaning

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 29-12-2020

Format: 148x210 mm, 144 pages

The Four-Week ChallengeTake Control of Your Food and Get In Shape

Olga Rönnberg

There are breakfasts, lunches and dinners plus two snacks planned for every day for four weeks, as well as daily checklists for energy, mood and hunger, with space for your own notes. In addition, the author’s advice and support on how to maintain a natural relationship with food and get away from comfort eating and self-destructive habits. After following the book the reader will be ‘self-propelled’ in terms of what and when they should eat¿–¿with enhanced self-esteem to boot!

Matilda Gredfors Andersson

Foreign Rights Manager | Illustrated & Practical Non-Fiction

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