The house at the end of the road

Swedish title: Huset vid vägens slut

Category: Children / Fiction 12-15

Pub date: 10-03-2004

Format: 167 pages.

The house at the end of the road

Magnus Nordin

When a horror story becomes real… !

As usual, they had devoted quite a few nights to sneaking cigarettes and listening to Pierre’s thrilling stories at the Eagle’s Nest, their secret hideout, and then laying more or less awake in their beds. One of his stories is about the house at the end of the road. The house has been deserted for as long as anyone can remember. Rumors of what had really happened there were many and quite horrible. Even so, that’s where the guys go.

But what begins as a prank by some of the guys soon takes a nightmarish turn. Suddenly, the innocent glittering of the summer vacation sun seems quite distant…

Magnus Nordin has previously published The Ring of the Gods, The Fourth Victim, Shadow Creatures and the August Prize nominated The Princess and the Murderer.

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