The House of Silence

Swedish title: Tystnadens hus

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 11-08-2008

Format: 199 pages, b/w illustrations, 134x213 mm

The House of Silence

Magnus Nordin

A dark secret lurks in the House of Silence… Stella sits alone during the day in a silent and empty apartment in a block due to be torn down, while her friend Gabriel is out at work. Since she and Gabriel fled from the sect in which they grew up, it is important for her to hide from the leader of the sect.

But Stella doesn’t even feel safe in this deserted building. What are those noises she sometimes hears? A strange, persistent scratching…
Who is the little girl she meets out in the garden? She says she lives in the building with her father – but Stella has never seen him.
The girl also says that her mother went down to the cellar to look for a doll’s dress. And that she hasn’t seen her since. Are Stella and Gabriel really the only ones in the building?

A nightmarish feeling of insecurity grows stronger and stronger. Magnus Nordin’s new novel is a spine-chilling, Gothic tale where the past constantly makes its presence felt.

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