The Last Act

Swedish title: Den sista akten

Series: The Gotland series

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 08-05-2012

The Last Act

Mari Jungstedt

Mari Jungstedt is a major Swedish Crime sensation: 15 books published in 17 languages. THE LAST ACT is the tenth instalment in her hugely successful Gotland series.

When the controversial editor of one of Sweden’s largest newspapers, Erika Malm, is found murdered in a hotel room in Visby it causes quite a stir. The murder takes place in the middle of a crowded PR event during the important festival of politics held on Gotland every summer. The investigation is pointing in multiple different directions; a threatening letter from the neo-Nazis, a mysterious visit to the Roma Theatre, and traces of a secret love affair.

Detective Inspector Anders Knutas and his colleague Karin Jacobsson are taking on the case. But it is not only the investigation that is causing the two police officers headaches. What should they do about the love that is starting to blossom between them?

Gotland’s spectacular scenery, wild weather and the isolation of the island make it the perfect setting for a crime series that plays on the hair-raising feeling that someone is watching you. The series follows Inspector Anders Knutas, who has worked for the Visby police force for thirty years. He has an ailing marriage, and harbours secret feelings for his co-worker Karin Jacobsson, a bundle of energy who is strangely secretive about her private life. Knutas and Jacobsson’s investigations take them into the secluded homes and dark secrets of the Gotland citizens they serve to protect.

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