The Mark of the Devil

Swedish title: Djävulens märke

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 01-09-2009

Format: 330 pages, 134x213 mm, b/w illustrations

The Mark of the Devil

Magnus Nordin

The Mark of the Devilis an atmospheric thriller about a supply teacher who conceals an evil her pupils could never imagine beneath a well-organised exterior.

One day troublesome Class 9c in Katarina School get a new supply teacher. Her name is Malin; she’s young, pretty and nice, and somehow she seems able to get even the most difficult pupils to behave themselves. But there’s something strange about her – why do her eyes appear to be blue one minute, and brown the next? After a while their regular teacher Hanna comes back, and everything returns to normal. But one morning when the pupils arrive at school, they find Hanna dead in the classroom. Did she commit suicide, or not? Malin takes over as their regular teacher. But as time goes on, the pupils become more and more aware that there is more to Malin than the pleasant façade. During a two-day excursion one of the pupils sees Malin having sex with one of the troublesome boys in the class, and is horrified when Malin takes on a demonic appearance. A third eye appears on her forehead, and it changes colour just like her eyes. What is she? Did she have anything to do with Hanna’s suicide? Is she able to manipulate their minds?

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