The Midsummer Murder

Swedish title: Midsommarmorden

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 04-06-2018

Format: 125x205 mm

The Midsummer Murder

Magnus Nordin

The blood that was spilled on the cliffs alongside the idyllic Lake Glimten was cleaned up a long time ago. Not a trace of the teenagers that decided to camp there and celebrate Midsummer remains. The murderer, who left the signature X at the scene of the murder, was found and convicted, the case was cleared up and life went on. Until now. Ossian has become a serial killer nerd and reads everything that he can find on the subject. When he has to choose a subject for his high school project, he doesn’t hesitate for a second. He’s going to make a film about the murder by Lake Glimten that took place one night in June twenty-five years ago. The film about the Midsummer murder is going to be his revenge on all the idiots out there. He’s going to do thorough research and he’s going to film alongside the lake where everything started. He soon realises that there are traces and evidence leading in other directions . . . And when someone who calls himself X contacts Ossian, he realises that he has become a pawn in something very alarming – X has starred murdering again. The next blood to be spilled might very well tum out to be his own.