The Monk’s Promise

Swedish title: Munkens löfte

Series: Halvdan The Viking

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 13-05-2016

Format: 148 x21O mm, b/w illustrations

The Monk’s Promise

Martin Widmark, illustrated by Mats Vänehem

A dispute breaks out during the autumn market and suddenly Halvdan, Meia and their friend Björn are captured, tied up and on their way to be shipped off as slaves in England! On board the boat is also the mysterious Do, a warrior monk from the Middle Kingdom who can fell a Viking without using a weapon. Think of having such a champion on your side! This time Halvdan and his friends are really in trouble, but maybe some cunning, a few strands of hair and a big dose of patience can help them to regain their freedom. The author Martin Widmark says this about the Vikings “To tell children about our often violent, greedy ancestors is alternating between respect and disgust. Respect for example for their courage and boat building skills and disgust for their sacrifices of blood, their raids and their trade in slaves. To try to ignore these things would be impossible.”

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