The Nevus

Swedish title: Eldsmärket

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 04-04-2003

The Nevus

Liselott Willén

Linn and Nikos have been living together for five years, and all that time Linn has not told Nikos the actual circumstances of their first meeting. But now it is becoming absolutely necessary that she does so, that she tells him the truth about what happened that summer when school was out and she and her friends were so involved in playing role-games.
The games took place in restaurants and night-clubs, and the main roles were played by people who just happened to be there and who were totally unaware of what was going on. Linn and her friends were playing with people’s prejudices and with their expectations – a game, which in an instance could turn from pure entertainment to threatening reality.
The Nevus is a story about group dynamics and of how quickly these can turn from positive creativity into a fatal struggle for power. But it is also about love, exploring the question wether it is possible to forgive the beloved, no matter how grave the misdeed is.

Rights sold

Dutch/Ambo Anthos
German/Bertelsmann (Random House)