The Pandemic

Swedish title: Pandemi

Category: Children

Pub date: 15-03-2018

Format: 135 x 210mm, 816 pages

The Pandemic

Maths Claesson

In Maths Claesson’s highly acclaimed and award-winning books about Linux, we meet a young boy with an ambitious dream in a futuristic Stockholm. His dream is to become a space pilot. This is Swedish science fiction at its best! Pandemic is part of the Linux series and prepares for a journey in time and space and a top class reading experience!

A whole new life has started for Linux at the Crystal City space station and he is closer than ever to fulfilling his dream of becoming a space pilot. But thousands of kilometres away, the Earth is under threat from a gigantic pandemic and when his family, friends and Elvira need his help everything starts to fall apart. And even further away the stars glitter in the unexplored deep sky … One impossible dream, one selection process, a one and only chance to achieve everything he has ever dreamed of!

The books about Linux have been described as being ”irresistible”, ”exciting, thought-provoking, overwhelming”, ”an in-your-head tale of young people and their dreams” and ”like the Harry Potter books except in space”.