The Perfect Weather for Suffering

Swedish title: Perfekt väder för lidande

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 24-04-2020

Format: 125 x 205 mm, 180 pages

The Perfect Weather for Suffering

Åsa Asptjärn

Bim’s life really seems to begin when she first hears the musician David Dvorâk. She cries through the entire album, gripped by some kind of insight into life itself. But now it feels like her life is already about to end, as she, one morning, finds a stranger in a bathrobe cooking eggs in her mother’s kitchen. He REALLY looks like her idol, David Dovrâk. Bim turns away from the man to think. She hasn’t got anyone to debrief with after the incident but she does know that she’s got to eliminate all traces of idol worship, such as the altar to David that she has built in her room at her Dad’s house. Åsa Asptjärn writes for young readers with clever humour, the deepest respect for her readers and a little darkness.

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