The Princess and the Murderer

Swedish title: Prinsessan och mördaren

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 13-03-2003

Format: 264 pages

The Princess and the Murderer

Magnus Nordin

A young boy is found in a dump. He is alive but has been sexually abused and strangled. This is the start of this spine tingling murder puzzle.

This, however, is not just a thriller. It is just as much a book about a group of young people in suburban Stockholm: about their everyday life in school, parties, families and love.

Markus is in love with Nina who is in love with the guitarist Jajje. Markus feels lost when his parents separate and his sister has taken off to Dublin. Teo is Markus’ friend who is slowly being worn down by his way of life. (He doesn’t care about school, gets into fights and smokes pot with his older friends). Lenita is a “rich mans daughter”, and the manipulator of the class. She decides who gets invited to the parties and who gets to sit at her table in the student dining hall. Nina, daddy’s princess, is new at the school and knows that she needs Lenitas approval just as much as she hates the whole fight over who wins the leader’s favor. Secrets in Nina’s family will make her doubt her own father – could he be the murderer?

This is how Magnus Nordin himself describes the background to writing this book:

“On one hand, I wanted to, try and write a realistic thriller for a younger audience, without having to adjust it or hold back in any way. On the other hand, I wanted to portray young people’s life in a small residential district, how secrets and lies poison relationships and destroy trust.”

This is a frightening, realistic thriller for the young adult reader.

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