The Scoop (Collected version)

Swedish title: Scoopet samlingsvolym

Series: The Scoop


Pub date: 06-09-2021

Format: 148 x 210 mm, 360 pages, b&w illustrations

The Scoop (Collected version)

Martin Widmark, Erik Fichtelius , illustrated by Kim W Andersson

Online hate, crime and journalism!

Hugo, Maryam and Johanna try in vain to come up with something to write about for their online newspaper The Scoop. But instead they decide to have a competition on their homepage called ‘Sweden’s Finest Cat’ and are immediately inundated with pictures of pretty cats. But something is not right. Among all the comments and nominations there is someone who is writing horrible comments on the homepage. Soon the Scoop gang feel that the competition is taking on a completely new form and is slipping out of their control…

This book is a bind-up of three books, the first two books in the series Destroyed Evidence and Arson as well as a brand new story, The Magic Troll Factory. This series focuses on a child’s right to examine the world they live in, and is intended to provoke and inspire. Perfect for those who like to make up stories of their own!

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