The Scoop. Destroyed Evidence

Swedish title: Förstörda bevis.

Series: The Scoop

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 04-06-2018

Format: 148x210mm, 112 pages, b/w illustrations

The Scoop. Destroyed Evidence

Martin Widmark, Erik Fichtelius , illustrated by Kim W Andersson

A new series of books that focuses on children’s rights to examine and influence the world they live in. So join a group of eleven year olds as they start their own online newspaper, the consequences of which you would never had expected.

Fifth graders Hugo and Maryam are best friends and spend a lot of time at the library. One day the school principal decides that the school needs to save money so the library is going to be closed and the librarian is going to be sacked!

Maryam and Hugo start a petition to protest against the decision, but it doesn’t help as the adults don’t have time to listen.

Together with Johanna, who goes to the same school, they start The Scoop, an online newspaper, and start spreading the news about the closure of the library on their own. The local radio soon hears about it and asks for a comment from the town councillor; the man that’s in charge of all the money in the municipality. They want to know what the money saved by closing the library is going to be used for. It all sounds a bit fishy! A scandal starts to unravel and Hugo, Maryam and Johanna end up in the middle of an exciting news report that is difficult to decipher – news, truth or opinions?

An inspirational book that you won’t be able to put down, and perfect for those that like writing and creating tales of their own.