The Speaker’s Revenge

Swedish title: Talmannens hämnd

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 29-06-2017

Format: 135 x 185 mm, 96 pages

The Speaker’s Revenge

Martin Widmark, Petter Lidbeck , illustrated by Pelle Forshed

A humorous and action-packed political thriller for children. A slap-stick tale with a fast-moving story full of wonderfully quirky characters, yet based on a strong pathos: children’s right to freedom of speech.

It’s a story of how the Swedish government, after criticism from the EU, is forced to appoint a ”Children’s Speaker” in order to raise awareness of children’s rights in society. The post is appointed to Dagmar Persson who once held a high position in Parliament but who was unfairly demoted. The rather neglected Dagmar has to be content with an office in the basement and it’s not long before her position is forgotten about … But the children haven’t forgotten their speaker, they send her emails with questions about everything that’s important in their lives. And Dagmar replies nicely to everyone, as soon as she has time off from her task of being an ”invisible” coffee server at government meetings.
  But one day Dagmar decides to get her own back on the ministers that have taken her rightful place. The Minister for Culture, the Minister for Education and the Minister for Finance who prove to be the Snorer, the Cheater and the Thief … Dagmar starts revealing gossip and secrets in her replies to the children’s questions. And the children tell the adults. At first, nobody understands where the information is coming from, but soon the furious hunt for Dagmar is under way.


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