The Ups and Downs of the Internet

Swedish title: Värsta bästa nätet

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Parenting

Pub date: 14-08-2018

Format: 148x210 mm, 112 pages

The Ups and Downs of the Internet

Maria Dufva

Children today are growing up in the Internet age. Most of them spend a large part of their everyday lives online. Just about every ten year old has a smartphone and spends an average of three hours a day playing computer games and 15 % of all two year olds use the Internet on a daily basis. Being able to find friends, hobbies and knowledge online is a fantastic opportunity, but in this digital world where it’s easy to remain completely anonymous, there are also many dangers in the form of exploitation, bulling and cyber hate. In The Ups and Downs of the Internet, criminologist Maria Dufva tells children how to become cyber smart and avoid dangerous and difficult situations.

This book gives you concrete advice on, for example, what to do when someone who wants to video chat with you tells you that their camera is broken, or when you get a scary chain letter that says that mum and dad will die if you don’t pass it on. Maria Dufva explains what is classified as a crime and which adults you can turn to when your mobile starts to feel like an evil monster as well as what you should do when your best friend tells you a secret that you don’t think you should keep and when it’s okay to take pictures of your friends. The Ups and Downs of the Internet also raises issues like how to overcome a gaming addiction and how to become more source critical in order to be able to spot fake news.

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