The Voice of the Blood

Swedish title: Blodets röst

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 01-06-2010

Format: 320 pages, 134x213 mm, b/w illustraions

The Voice of the BloodShadow Creatures 2

Magnus Nordin

They are the creation of a goddess and a human but the Gods pushed them away and the humans don’t want them near. They have to live hidden from the humans, and still they are forced to live next to them or even among them. They are creatures that live in the shadows, who can see in the dark… People call them werewolves.

Daniel’s alcoholic father dies and leaves Daniel his business of used car parts. For the first time after Kira’s departure Daniel goes back to the island of Gotland. He has a new girl friend but often thinks about Kira. When he comes back to the island for his father’s funeral these memories get stronger.

At the same time Kira and her daughter are on their way to Daniel. Kira’s tribe has found out that her daughter is half human. They have decided she has to leave her daughter to the human father, or she and her daughter willl be excluded from the tribe. Kira knows that an exclusion from the tribe means that both she and her daughter risk being killed. They must travel far and fast. On their way they meet a new kind of tribe made up by the werewolves who have been excluded from their tribes because they are different.

At the same time the body of a huge wolf has been discovered in the sea, just outside Gotland. This is the huge werewolf that Kira, Daniel and his friends killed and dumped in the sea in the first book. A young police officer starts an investigation and makes contact with Daniel and his friends. And suddenly the werewolves are back on the island. And they want revenge.

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