The wolf’s heart

Swedish title: Vargens hjärta

Series: Halvdan the viking

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 08-01-2013

Format: 128 pg, 148x210mm, b/w illustrations

The wolf’s heart

Martin Widmark, illustrated by Mats Vänehem

Inspired by the author Frans G. Bengtsson, Martin Widmark has written a series of innovative, outlandish, and drama-filled stories about the adventures of young Halvdan and his friend Mela. The Wolf´s Heart is the third in the series Halvdan the Viking.

In The Wolf´s Heart, Grimulf, the richest and most feared man in Eastwick, plans a journey to Miklagard. In order to have favourable sailing winds, the gods must be appeased – with a human sacrifice! When Halvdan learns who is to be sacrificed he needs to move fast, for it is someone he knows. But how can he and his friend Björn Smith prevent what is going on when they have all of Grimulf´s warriors against them?

Halvdan Viking is a series by Martin Widmark and the illustrator Mats Vänehem. This is what Martin Widmark says about the Viking era: ”Writing for children about our sometimes violent and greedy forefathers means alternating between respect and disgust. Respect for their courage and boat-building skills and disgust for their love of living sacrifices, raids and slave trading but it´s part and parcel and cannot be ignored.”

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