The Women at Flanagans

Swedish title: Kvinnorna på Flanagans

Series: The Flanagans Series

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 01-07-2020

The Women at Flanagans

Åsa Hellberg

From the 800,000-copy bestselling author Åsa Hellberg, the second instalment in the Flanagans series

Welcome back to Flanagans Hotel, where the glitterati of London and glamorous visitors from around the globe come to stay. It’s now the 1980s, and rumour has it that yuppies, cocaine and all-night parties is the new order of the day. Still; intrigue, strong female leads and the longing for true love is always on the menu at our favourite hotel.

No longer working downstairs, Emma and Elinor have moved up in the world and own the hotel together. They have sacrificed everything for the hotel to stay successful, and even though they’ve reached their goal, the price has been high. Dark secrets that have been buried for years now threaten to come to light, and the ensuing shame and guilt might destroy them. Will their friendship endure these tough challenges, and will the hotel survive if the truth about the owners comes out?

Frankie, Emma’s daughter who is in her twenties, is a charismatic and brash young woman who takes every chance to act out against her mother. Emma struggles to become closer to her, but it seems impossible: maybe the scars run too deep? Billie, on the other hand, dotes on her mother Elinor, but the pressure of being the perfect daughter drives her to Sweden to study at university. There, her future will change drastically.

The trilogy is centred on the Flanagans hotel in London, which starts in the 1960s with the first book, continues in the 1980s with the second, and eventually leads up to a dramatic finale in the 2010s in its last instalment. Under crystal chandeliers, on carpeted floors and in between wood panelled walls, we’ll get to know the women who in three generations run the hotel — each one with their own hardships, heartbreak, success, drama, and challenges that come with their own era.

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