To Vial

Swedish title: Till Vial

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 11-03-2019

Format: 135x215 mm, 176 pages

To Vial

Henrik Ståhl

Planet earth is heading to its downfall. On board a spaceship on its way to the rescue of planet Vial, we find some siblings who possibly are not alone onboard. The playwright and actor Henrik Ståhl has written a captivating sci-fi adventure for middle-grade. “To Vial” is based on Henrik Ståhl’s play with the same name.

When the world is about to collapse, mankind must try to emigrate to the exoplanet Vial on board the huge spacecraft Otosan. But what initially sounds like utopia soon becomes an opportunity only for the richest. Speedy is one of those trying to save his family by making the journey out of the solar system to Vial. The journey started six years ago, before little brother Keaton was even born. Speedy is thought to no longer be aboard the spaceship, only the siblings Gladys and Keaton are supposed to remain. One day, the spacecraft indicates that there is someone else on board and then everything comes to a head – is this going to lead to their rescue or their downfall? One thing is for sure: nothing is as it seems to be.

“To Vial” is a dark story that raises many existential questions, but also an exciting action story and a warm relationship novel between two siblings who only have each other.

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