Swedish title: Tillsammans

Series: Alteja

Category: Children / Fiction 12-15

Pub date: 03-05-2007

Format: 180 pages,


Denise Rudberg

This is Denise Rudberg’s first novel for young people. She has previously enjoyed considerable success with novels for adults such as The Friend, Size 37, RSVP, and Jenny S, which is to be filmed. Her latest novel for adults is Matilde.

Through a television programme recorded at Djurgården, three young people from different backgrounds get to know one another. Alexander has had a privileged upbringing, but despite this his home circumstances are extremely difficult. Jakob is the son of Coco, who is responsible for the TV programme. Theresa is the girl who has lost her mother to cancer, and now lives with her dad, who’s really nice, on a houseboat moored at the Djurgården quay in Stockholm.

Theresa’s father takes the three young people out into the Stockholm archipelago where their friendship grows. But in the shadow of this idyllic existence, a threat lurks. Somebody is desperate to find one of them – at any price.

Together is a book about friendship and romance, but it is also a very exciting thriller.

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