Afraid of the Dark

Swedish title: Var inte rädd för mörkret

Series: The Småland series

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 26-03-2021

Afraid of the Dark

Kristina Agnér

Two unsolved mysteries in the same family sixty years apart—is the shocking truth finally about to be revealed?

After a heartbreak and broken engagement, Alva Fagerström leaves Stockholm for the cottage in the dark forests of Southern Sweden that she has inherited from her mother. Alva’s mother Lena has just passed away of heart failure, and the practicalities of sorting through her mother’s things and getting the cottage ready to sell will help Alva keep her mind off what to do about her life in Stockholm.

Once in Småland, Alva is met with the shocking news that her mother’s death was in fact not of natural causes. What could possibly be the reason for someone wanting Lena dead, and staging her death to look like a heart-attack?

But, the murder is actually not the only mystery that needs a solution in the picturesque village. The unresolved and mysterious disappearance of Evy, Alva’s maternal grandmother, back in the 1960’s is brought back to light. Can the two cases be connected?

Along with her neighbour Susanna Frid and local police detective Jonatan Mogren, Alva starts asking questions, trying to solve the two mysteries in the family. With each step closer Alva gets to finding some answers is a step closer to danger, and suddenly she finds herself in the line of fire.

For fans of Tove Alsterdal’s atmospheric crime, AFRAID OF THE DARK is the first book in a planned four-part series called ‘The Småland series’, centered around the fictional town of Tosseboda. Each book takes place in a different season, starting with summer for book one and ending with a beautiful winter landscape in book four.

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Norwegian: Strawberry

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