Weekend Menus

Swedish title: Fredagskockens helgmenyer - trerättersmiddagar med vintips

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 08-03-2016

Format: 195x260, pages 128

Weekend Menus

Mattias Larsson

Do you want to know the secret to throwing the perfect dinner party, one where you can sit back and relax and enjoy great food and good company instead of slaving in the kitchen? Well, the Friday Chef is here to reveal it to you by passing on tips he has learned from the world’s greatest restaurateurs. This book contains 12 well-composed three-course menus that will amaze your guests. They are all wonderfully delicious, elegant and with that special something. The menus are accompanied by suggestions for wines that will take the meal to a whole new level and guarantee the perfect dinner party.

Here are two of the wonderful menus:

• Creamed artichoke with white beans, dried prosciutto, dill, olive oil, croutons and Parmesan cheese

• Cod with a pumpkin, zucchini and fennel stock and pumpkin mayonnaise

• Fried apple rings with warm oat crumbs, cinnamon ice cream and honey.

• Chopped veal tartare with beets, capers, Parmesan cheese and sough dough chips

• ”Open” lasagne with browned perch, sautéed fresh onions, cream glazed chanterelles, Parmesan cheese and lemon oil

• White chocolate and goat’s cheese cheesecake with raspberries

Mattias Larsson is a chef, cookery book writer, lecturer and meal inspirer. He is a popular guest on TV and radio programmes and also creates recipes and styles food in newspapers and food magazines. Mattias lives by the inspirational motto ”Pleasure is the engine of life”.

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