Welcome to Flanagans

Swedish title: Välkommen till Flanagans

Series: The Flanagans Series

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 04-09-2019

Welcome to Flanagans

Åsa Hellberg

The first in a brand-new series set in London and Sweden marking a new departure for the 800 000-copy bestselling author, Åsa Hellberg.

Welcome to Flanagans, where anything can, and will happen! Step into the jet set lifestyle of the 1960s, where aristocrats and business men mingle, and where the absence of an invitation to one of Linda Lansing’s glamorous and legendary parties, could mean your social downfall.

But, deep down, Linda doesn’t feel all that glamorous. As a woman, and as a Swede, she is an outsider in this world. She has struggled to rise from her humble beginnings on the Swedish West coast, to becoming the owner and head of the most prestigious hotel in London: The Flanagans. Her begrudging cousins still plot her downfall, and she is starting to wonder if it’s really worth all the sacrifices.

Is this happiness? Is this enough?

Downstairs, in the kitchens, we meet Elinor and Emma who dream about a better life. But when both Elinor and Emma meet a charming stranger, their lives and everything they have fought for will be turned upside-down in a dramatic turn of events.

This brand new trilogy is centred on the Flanagans hotel in London, beginning in the 1960s, continuing in the 1980s in the second book with the dramatic final in the 2010s. Under crystal chandeliers, on carpeted floors and inbetween wood panelled walls, we’ll get to know the women who in three generations run the hotel, each one with their own hardships, heartbreak, success, drama, and challenges that come with their own era.

One woman, one hotel, everything to play for. Welcome to Flanagans.

’Åsa Hellberg creates an engrossing atmosphere, but foremost she succeeds in touching me on several levels…would be perfect as a tv-series…WELCOME TO FLANAGANS is, to say the least, a mesmerizing book that leaves you wanting more.’
— Olivias Bokhylla

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