With No Human Value

Swedish title: Leona. Utan mänskligt värde

Series: The Leona series

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 01-08-2017

With No Human Value

Jenny Rogneby

Over 120 000 copies sold in Sweden over the series!

LEONA is a hardboiled Scandinavian crime series, filled with unexpected twists and turns, featuring an unusual heroine. LEONA makes for a gripping read while challenging feminine norms and questioning what is behind the choices we make.

More than 13 000 copies sold in its first month

In the third book LEONA—WITH NO HUMAN VALUE a woman is hit by the Arlanda Express train just outside Stockholm. All signs point to suicide, but the police soon realise that the battered and bruised woman also has injuries not caused by the train – she is missing a kidney. Later, when a homeless man collapses in central Stockholm, also missing an organ, it is clear that the police are dealing with a new type of ruthless criminal, targeting those most vulnerable in society for profit.

Leona Lindberg, the skilled and unconventional investigator at the City Police, is put on the case and evidence lead her to a vile, cruel underground market for human organs. Leona feels inexplicably connected to this particular case, but she can’t help questioning why she is put forward for a promotion. Her focus is, as ever, on other things. And in striving to set herself up with a new life, she’s taken matters into her own hands: Taking from the crooked, to give to herself…

Rights sold

Danish: Politiken (1-3)
Dutch: Prometheus (1-3)
English (US): Other Press (1-3)
English (AUS+NZ): Five Mile Press (1-3)
Finnish: Bazar (1-3)
German: Atrium Verlag (1-3)
Korean: Hans Media (1-3)
Norwegian: Gyldendal Forlag (1-3)
Polish: Marginesy (1-3)

Film & TV Rights
USA: Le Grisbi Productions (LA) together with German DCM

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