Women’s Things

Swedish title: Kvinnosaker

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Society & Culture

Pub date: 16-10-2020

Format: 195x240 mm, 208 pages

Women’s Things50 Objects That Have Shaped Women’s Liberation

Karin Carlsson, illustrated by Amanda Berglund

Historian Karin Carlsson writes in a fascinating and entertaining style about objects that have influenced women’s everyday lives and created the conditions for a more independent life. But things that are considered liberating and positive in a given period may in another time be seen as oppressive and restrictive, thus each object carries with it stories of social change and the shifting of boundaries. Read about the provocative bicycle, the vibrator that cured tuberculosis, culottes for female police officers and much more – all vividly illustrated by Amanda Berglund.

”I fell head over heels for this book … if you want to laugh, reminisce and be astounded by 50 visionary, winding, surprising and cleverly illustrated stories about the suffering, lust and conquests of women, spiced with some statistics and footnotes…well, then you’re in for a treat.” – ARBETAREN

Matilda Gredfors Andersson

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