Emmy Abrahamson

Emmy Abrahamson (b. 1976) debuted in 2011 with a YA novel, Min pappa är snäll och min mamma är utlänning, and was nominated for the YA August Prize in 2012 for Only väg is upp. How to Fall in Love with a Man Who Lives in a Bush (2016), was her bestselling adult debut, sold in 12 territories, with fi…

Maria Adolfsson

Maria Adolfsson (b. 1958) lives in Stockholm where she, until recently, worked as a communications director and now writes full-time. The Doggerland series has been sold in 18 languages to date, and the first book has sold more than 50 000 copies in Sweden alone.

Mia Ajvide

Mia Ajvide has worked as a teacher, but is a full-time writer today. In 2008 she published a collection of poems. The Man Who Fell Into Oblivion is her first novel.

Linnea Axelsson

Linnea Axelsson (b. 1980) in Porjus, northern Sweden, but now lives in Stockholm. She studied humanities at Umeå University and received her PhD in History of Art in 2009. Her debut novel Tvillingssmycket was published in 2010.

Susanne Axmacher

Susanne Axmacher (b. 1974) has lived abroad for many years working as a consultant on gender issues in France, Italy, the United States and Sudan on behalf of the EU, the UN and the Armed Forces. Season of the Nymph is Axmacher’s second novel. Water Lily Children, published in 2009, was given a bril…

Marie Bengts

Marie Bengts (b. 1968) hails from southern Sweden but now lives in Stockholm, where she works as a journalist. Her debut, DEATH BY SCISSORS, was published in 2017 to both great sales and critical acclaim.

Lars Berge

Lars Berge (b. 1974) is a writer, journalist and documentary film maker. His debut novel, Office Ninja was translated into five languages. PROJECT WOLF is his first nonfiction work, and an instant national bestseller.

Daniel Birnbaum

Daniel Birnbaum (b. 1963) is as of January 2019 the director of Acute Art in London, and previously worked as the Director of the Moderna Museet in Stockholm. He has managed both museums and art schools in Germany and Italy, and in 2009 he curated the Vienna-Biennale. DR. B. is his first novel, tell…

Katarina Bivald

Katarina Bivald (b. 1983) debuted in 2013 with the New York Times bestselling The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend, which was published in 28 countries. It won Debut of the Year Award at the French literary festival, Saint Maure En Poche, and was a Richard & Judy Book Club Pick in the UK. CHECK IN…

Magnus Dahlström

Magnus Dahlström (b. 1963) gained recognition as a young writer in Sweden for his first novels, Papperskorg (1986) and Fyr (1987), but also as an acclaimed dramatist with Järnbörd (1989). His novels Spådom (2011) and Sken (2012) form a loose trilogy with Psykodrama (2014) – all critically acclaimed….