Mattias Norberg

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Mattias Norberg

Mattias Norberg bought his first survival handbook at a young age and has both a great know­ledge of and a deep interest in fire and survival skills. Mattias has over 20 years of experience as an instructor in the Swedish Survival Guild.

Books by Mattias Norberg

Sparks, Heat, Flames

Mattias Norberg

Sparks, Heat, Flames : The Complete Guide to Handling Fire is a book which teaches you all you need to know about making a fire outdoors. Fire and Survival Expert Mattias Norberg shares his vast knowledge on everything from choosing the right firewoo…

Swedish title: Konsten att elda

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction

Pub date: 28-02-2020

Format: 170 x 240 mm, 344 pages