Niklas Aronsson

Niklas Aronsson

NIKLAS ARONSSON is an experienced ornithologist, chief editor for Birdlife Sweden’s magazine Vår Fågelvärld (‘Our bird world’), and a contributor to Swedish television broadcaster SVT.

Books by Niklas Aronsson

Bird Diary 2019

Bill Zetterström, Dan Zetterström, Niklas Aronsson

Authors: Bill Zetterström, Dan Zetterström and Niklas AronssonFrom January’s birdlife, which goes on the back burner during the bitter winter cold to the melancholy autumn months when the migrating birds leave us for more southerly latitudes. Each se…

Swedish title: Fågeldagbok 2019

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction

Pub date: 08-08-2018

Format: 165x187 mm, 160 pages