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Pia Beckman

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We plant – seeds, bulbs, cuttings and seeds

Pia Beckman

Growing fun for the entire family and retro-nostalgia in one book! A real beloved classic.Here are tips and clear images on how you can cultivate seeds, bulbs, ornamental grasses and more. Harvest your own citrus, kiwis, avocado, peppers, peas and be…

Swedish title: Vi planterar – kärnor, lökar, sticklingar och frön

Series: 195x260 mm, 32 pages

Category: Children

Pub date: 28-02-2017

Format: 195x260 mm, 32 pages

Let’s make candy

Pia Beckman

This book is bursting with recipes for delicious candy that you can make yourself using ingredients that you usually have in the fridge or the larder. Many of the recipes only needs bowls, spoons and perhaps a microwave and some of them need an oven…

Swedish title: Vi gör lördagsgodis

Category: Non Fiction

Pub date: 20-09-2018

Format: 210x297 mm, 32 pages

Easy Cooking 20 Child-Friendly Recipes

Pia Beckman

Delicious dishes and desserts for everyone to do and enjoy! A tasty collection of international classics. This new, revised edition with easy recipes will simultaneously give rise to nostalgia and appetite. The colorful illustrations with clear instr…

Swedish title: Fredagsmys! – 20 enkla recept

Category: Children

Pub date: 07-09-2016

Format: 210 x 297 mm, 32 pages, color