Prinsessan Christina Fru Magnuson

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Prinsessan Christina Fru Magnuson

Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson is the sister of King Carl XVI Gustaf. After graduating in 1963, she attended Radcliffe College in the USA and later studied art history at Stockholm University. For many years, she was Working Chairperson of the Board for the Swedish Red Cross and has also engaged in projects of the International Red Cross. Her contributions include representing the Royal Family on countless occasions, especially relating to Swedish dance and other modes of cultural expression.

Books by Prinsessan Christina Fru Magnuson

They Called Her Daisy

Prinsessan Christina Fru Magnuson

Princess Margaret of Connaught, grandchild of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and first wife of Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden, died in 1920. She was only 38 years old, very pregnant with her sixth child. She not only left the royal family paralyzed…

Swedish title: Hon kallades Daisy

Category: General Non-Fiction

Pub date: 20-04-2020