100 Meters of Happiness

Swedish title: 100 meter lycka

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 03-04-2012

Format: 125x205

100 Meters of Happiness

Maria Nygren

Sisterhood, world records, love, life and illness.

17 year-old Ninna is holds the Swedish record of running 100 meters. Nina has perfect control of her body and when she runs it feels like flying. But at the same time she can hardly move because she has a strange illness that attacks her immune system and needs help to shower and get dressed. She cannot go outside because the sun light is dangerous for her and her inner organs are destroying themselves. While lying in bed Ninna collects sounds from the world outside, get glimpses of her little sister’s life. While Ninna collects what she hears and writes down the sounds under her mattress, her sister has boyfriends and the life Ninna will never have.

To Ninna both her dreams about running and her real life are real. Her mother gets scared that she will get worse when she talks about her dreams and the feeling of running and flying and Ninna feels no-one will listen to her. One day a young man starts working as a helper to Ninna. His name is Munir and he listens to Ninnas dreams and he thinks he might be able to help Ninna. Maybe Ninna will be able to go outside…

Ninna and her little sister gets have a complicated relationship full of love, anger, longing, jealousy and again love. The feelings get more complicated as Munir comes into the picture. And Ninna runs better and better in her dreams..

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