A Child is Born – sixth edition

Swedish title: Ett barn blir till (6:e utgåvan)

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Parenting

Pub date: 25-09-2018

Format: 194x260 mm, 240 pages

A Child is Born – sixth edition

Lennart Nilsson, Linda Forsell , Lars Hamberger

Lennart Nilsson’s unique image story about human beings appeared the first time in 1965 and created immediate sensation. Since then, it has been printed in countless editions, translated into over 20 languages ¿¿and sold in many millions of copies. Throughout the world, people have been able to share the story of life, and millions of prospective parents have had the book as a companion during pregnancy.

In Lennart Nilsson’s pictures, the invisible is visible. They show us what happens in the hidden inside the mother’s body and allows us to follow the whole fascinating process of conception and the child’s development during pregnancy. We will see the meeting between the egg and sperm in the ovary, the first cell divisions, how the embryo quickly takes shape during the first weeks and how the fetus grows for many months in the womb’s darkness and get ready for life beyond.

But A child is born is not just a staggering adventure about how we all develop, but it is also a fact-packed guide for prospective parents who receive expert advice and information about everything about pregnancy – such as health, maternity care, obstetric diagnosis and childbirth.

In this completely revised sixth edition of the book, Lennart Nilsson’s pictures are shuffled with freshly-featured reports and birth pictures of Linda Forsell. The medical text is written by Professor Lars Hamberger and for the text of maternity care and childbirth is midwife Gudrun Abascal.

Rights sold

Chinese (simpl.): China Science and Technology Press
Dutch: Uitgeverij Ploegsma
English: Penguin Random House
French: Hachette Livre
German: Goldmann Verlag

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