A child is born – your diary

Swedish title: Ett barn blir till - Dagboken

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Parenting

Pub date: 31-05-2011

Format: 104 pages, 210x210mm, colour

A child is born – your diary

Lennart Nilsson

Pregnancy is a momentous occasion, and each time is unique. Preserve every memory with the new A Child is Born — Diary, a pregnancy companion that allows you to document each milestone from week to week, including the first few weeks after the baby is born.

Filled with Lennart Nilsson’s incredible conception photographs from his acclaimed A Child is Born book, this diary also includes a practical pregnancy calendar to help you document important dates; a thoughtful explanation of what is happening to your body during each stage of the pregnancy; and places to include your ultrasound photos, as well as to jot down practical information and precious memories you will want to keep forever.

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