A hard trial for Tam

Swedish title: Tams svåra prov

Series: Dragon Knights

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 01-05-2009

Format: 128 pages, 148x210mm, b/w illustrations

A hard trial for TamDragon Knights Book 2

Jo Salmson, illustrated by Åsa Ekström

In the first book, poor, orphaned Tam heard a voice, calling him to come to the city. And the voice he heard belonged to no less than one of the dragons, Sky.

In this second title Sky the dragon has chosen Tam as his dragon servant, despite the fact that he is only a beggar boy. Tam and Sky are able to communicate with each other in the old way, through thoughts, something that Sky specifically forbids Tam from telling anyone. According to Sky, Tam is to be the new Dragon Knight, but first of all he must survive the great trial of the winter. If only the other children weren’t so horrible to him! Tam feels more and more alone. Will he get through the great trial?

Dragon Knights – a new, thrilling fantasy series for those just learning to read!

This is an exciting, easy to read story about Tam the beggar boy, who is chosen to become a dragon knight; it forms part of a new series by Jo Salmson, the author of The Return of the Almanders, and is dramatically and richly illustrated in black and white by Åsa Ekström in a Manga-inspired style.

Tam The Beggar Boy is the first part of a new series, The Dragon Knights, which is part of the “More to Read” series. There will be 6 titles in all in the series.

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