A Thousand Times Stronger

Swedish title: Tusen gånger starkare

Category: Children / Fiction 12-15

Pub date: 18-09-2006

Format: 150 pages,

A Thousand Times Stronger

Christina Herrström

When Signe was younger, she felt free and happy. She had the courage to make the most of life. Her class at school was lively and good fun. But when she started in Year 6, everything changed. How the girls regarded themselves, and each other. It was as if the world had grown smaller.
Now they’re fifteen, and Mimi and her gang of yes-men are in charge. Mimi has power, and shares her contempt among the boys and girls in the class. Signe feels as if she herself is no more than an aside. She envies Mimi, but doesn’t like what she stands for.
One day a new girl, Saga, arrives in the class, and arouses everyone’s curiosity. “She seems to be a strong girl,” says the citizenship teacher. Saga has tremendous self-confidence and a sense of who she is which is usually lacking in girls of her age. Saga thinks the world is just as much there for her as for everyone else. And she has the courage to stand up to Mimi, the teachers, and the boys in the class. She changes the pattern. But then one day she’s gone. She came, and then she disappeared.
“I don’t know where Saga is today. But one thing I do know for certain. She was strong, a thousand times stronger than any of the girls I know. And somewhere inside me, that strength is growing. This is the only life I have.”

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