About Tiny Little Particles

Swedish title: Om pyttesmå partiklar

Series: Easy-to-read facts

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 05-08-2013

Format: 64 pages,148 x 210 mm, color

About Tiny Little Particles

Jo Salmson, illustrated by Ola Skogäng

Science enthusiast and fantasy author Jo Salmson and illustrator Ola Skogäng make the difficult comprehensible. In this book they explain about all the smallest particles in existence, about quarks, leptons and the “atom zoo”. Perfect reading for young inquisitive minds, this book is in the series “Easy to Read Facts”.

There are scientists who are examining reality itself. Reality is very difficult to actually understand. What does reality consist of and how does it work? Does it really exist at all? Sometimes scientists use mathematics to see how everything holds together and sometimes they examine reality by tearing it apart.

Take a journey among the tiniest particles of which everything is built. Jo Salmson writes in her own convincing and individual style so that everyone can understand about all the latest discoveries that scientists have made. And in Ola Skogäng’s humorous illustrations the minute and invisible become visible.

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