Alba and the Land Beyond

Swedish title: Alba och landet bortom

Series: The Land Beyond

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 11-06-2021

Format: 135 x 215 mm, 240 pages

Alba and the Land Beyond

Mårten Gisby, Henrik Johansson

Featuring a strong female protagonist, this is the new epic fantasy series with elements of Northern mythology and Viking history for 9–12-year-olds

13-year-old girl Alba lives in the little town of Värend together with her eccentric uncle Odd who claimed custody after her parents’ tragic death. Neither popular nor unpopular at school, Alba thinks of herself as a normal teenager who tries to keep a low profile to avoid the trouble-seeking bullies. But one day she meets Idun, a peculiar new classmate who dresses in old rags and couldn’t care less what other people think of her, let alone the bullies’ humiliating remarks when she claims her aunt to be a witch.

Annoyed by her provocative attitude, but all the same intrigued, Alba follows Idun to her home on Björk farm where she strikes up an unlikely friendship with Idun’s aunt Siri. Though the idea of Siri possessing witchcraft seems absurd to Alba, she is inspired by Siri’s mysterious knowledge about the natural world and starts learning all about plants and animals as well as runic magic and natural medicine. But suddenly bizarre things start to happen at the farm – animals start behaving weirdly, Alba notices a stone in the earth cellar with a strange symbol on it and a little gnome-like figure seems to be roaming around the garden. Alba starts questioning things: who is Siri and why does uncle Odd become furious by the mention of her name? And more importantly: has Odd been telling the truth about her parents’ death, and what actually happened to them?

When the farm turns out to be a portal into another world, The Land Beyond, Alba is struck with a strange familiarity in this place where gnomes and fairies live alongside witches and trolls – and her mind is set to uncovering the truth. Her arrival in The Land Beyond is met with great enthusiasm but also controversy as she finds out about her true identity: the long sought-for warrior daughter, heiress to the Wizard throne and Empress Freja, gone missing for 13 years.

While a war for power is raging between the Wizard King, Alba’s father, and the rebelling troll tribes, Alba is determined to become the warrior daughter that she truly is and enrols into the warrior army to become a master of runic magic and to hone her warrior skills. But when Warrior Chief Astrid accuses her of treason, Alba is pushed to her limits and needs to play her cards right – but will she be able to tell friend apart from foe? Stirring up strong emotions as Alba fights for justice in a fascinating world of heroism, ALBA AND THE LAND BEYOND is an incredibly fast-paced page-turner and an engaging quest for identity written in the spirit of J.K. Rowling.

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