Amy, Aaron and the Genie

Swedish title: Amy, Aron och anden

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 16-01-2017

Format: 148x210 mm, 128 pages, color

Amy, Aaron and the Genie

Ulf Stark, illustrated by Per Gustavsson

Amy wishes for peace on earth. And a black cat. And also that summer never ends so that she doesn’t need to go back to school. At school there is Sture and his friends, who make fun of her and bully her because she limps. Meanwhile, what Aaron wants the most is for his father to come home. That day they play at the junkyard, where they come across a sulky Genie in a can. They eventually befriend the Genie and they find out that it is both useful and good fun to have a Genie as a friend.


A humorous story which can be read on many levels and weaves together imagination and reality in a masterly way. A book on friendship, imagination as well as bullying and yearning.


This is the first collaboration between Ulf Stark and Per Gustavsson and there is a strong interaction between text and illustrations.


Ulf Stark is an internationally renowned author. He was an elected member of the Swedish Academy for Children’s Books and was awarded the Nordic Children’s Book Prize.


Amy wishes for peace on earth and black cat. Aron wishes for almost nothing except for his daddy to come home. Whilst they wait for their wishes to come true they play in the junkyard owned by Amy’s dad. There are all sorts of things there that people have thrown away. Like, for example, an old rusty oilcan with a spout. In which a pretty sulky and hard to please genie lives… Ulf Stark has a warm and inimitable tone, and his gaze constantly sets on the level of the children he depicts. This assertive story, to be read aloud, is simultaneously playful, serious and funny, as well as a little sad. Aron and Amy are undoubtedly lonely and exposed – but they are portrayed in images with a warmth and naturalness that make their world feel safe”. New Swedish Books



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