Aston’s stones

Swedish title: Astons stenar

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 01-09-2006

Format: 32 pages, 190 x 269 mm, colour

Aston’s stones

Lotta Geffenblad, illustrated by Lotta Geffenblad

Aston feels sorry for all the lonely stones he sees, so he picks them up and brings them home and takes care of them. Every day he finds a new one; how strange that there are always new stones who are lonely, or bored or cold.

It soon gets crowded at Aston’s house. Mummy and daddy get quite tired of all the stones, and one day daddy suggests that the stones go on a vacation, to the beach. The stones seem to like it, they roll on the sand and some of them take a bath.

Aston seems quite satisfied, but when he comes back to the car, mummy and daddy hear something in the bag: “It’s a stick, it was so lonely”, Aston says. “After all, there are only stones around here.”

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Danish: Forlaget Thorup
Israelian: Babel
Japanese: Komine Shoten
Korean: Daekuo Co Ltd
Norwegian: Gyldendal
Romanian: Editura Cartea Copiilor
Russian: Samokat
Taiwanese: Alvita Publishing