Astrid the Fly Runs Away

Swedish title: Spyflugan Astrid rymmer

Series: Astrid the Fly

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 28-05-2010

Format: 32 pages, 260 x 190 mm, colour

Astrid the Fly Runs Away

Maria Jönsson, illustrated by Maria Jönsson

Astrid the Fly says NO!
Every day, Astrid has to look after 43 little bluebottles. And today 27 new ones arrived! But Astrid doesn’t want to be a good girl any longer, and just do like Aunty Ally says. She is back, the popular and charming little Astrid. A little, yet extremely self-confident bluebottle, and a very inventive and curious one too – just like any four-year-old! Despite all the buzzing little bluebottles in the family, she manages to go her own way. We get to follow close after, and observe the world through her large eyes. Like in the previous two books, the effect is a comically back-to-front perspective on life.

Astrid is an ingenious little fly, full of curiosity (like just about any four year-old you can think of…!), and we soon get to know her through Maria Jönsson’s sensitive illustrations and accessible text. The illustrations are full of vivid detail and are both clever and entertaining. In both text and pictures Maria Jönsson has captured the amusing situations and funny mix-ups that can occur when you’re a little fly in a big world.


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