Athena. Grattis världen – jag är här nu!

Swedish title: Athena. Grattis världen! Jag är här nu!

Series: Athena

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 10-09-2018

Format: 135x185mm, 176 pages

Athena. Grattis världen – jag är här nu!

Elin Ek, illustrated by Chrissie Zullo

Athena is twelve years old and doesn’t take any shit! She doesn’t think the world should take any shit either, so in order to save everything (someone has to!) she starts an activist group, ”Save the Earth Club”, with her friends.

Athena thinks that she is unusually smart and ingenious, and that’s quite helpful right now when life is more difficult than usual. Her mum is in hospital with a baby in her tummy and Athena and her two brothers are having to stay with their grandparents. Dis-as- ter! And things get even worse when she mistakenly gets her best friend into trouble. Athena, who can usually cope with everything and a bit more too, now has to try and save Ronja’s honour and put things right before anyone notices what she has done. But her smart plan leads to something worse and when Yousef discovers than Athena is a CRIMINAL it feels as though it would be better if life were over.

A fun, smart and heartfelt book for all tweenies by the phenomenally on-the-mark Elin Ek. This is her debut as a fiction writer.

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