Athena. To the Last Drop!

Swedish title: Athena. Till sista droppen!

Series: Athena

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 13-04-2022

Format: 135 x 185 mm, 195 pages.

Athena. To the Last Drop!

Elin Ek, illustrated by Chrissie Zullo

Athena’s grandparents are not too thrilled about the idea of Athena and Ronja spending their summer holiday in the country cottage without their parents (yes, Grandma Biggan and Grandpa Göran are there of course, but they don’t count as real adults!) until Dad, without asking, suggests that they could help around the house. Slave labour! And as slavery is abolished, Dad will have to think twice about this.

But something is not quite right about this summer idyll. Why are all the wells in the area drying up? Has the water disappeared for good or can they save it somehow? Thank goodness for mobile phones, because even though the other members of the Save the Earth Club are spread across the whole country, this case needs everyone. It’s a good job that Athena is named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, because this is just what is needed – wisdom and the will to fight!

Elin Ek’s Athena is a good friend who, with bags of confidence and a can-do attitude, tries to change the world for the better, leaving the reader with the feeling that nothing is impossible.