Before there was me

Swedish title: Innan jag fanns

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 10-01-2013

Format: 32 pages, 215x280 mm, Colour

Before there was me

Petrus Dahlin, illustrated by Maria Nilsson Thore


Where do we come from? Where were we before we got here? Sisters My and Py fantasize about their place in the eternity of the universe, about star winds and space babies and what happens when you no longer exist. A thoughtful, beautiful and amazing story from the picture-book illustrator Maria Nilsson Thore and author Petrus Dahlin.

One winter evening My and Py drive to the country with granddad. My has been there before with granddad, before Py existed. So where then was Py ? Maybe in space suggests My. Or maybe just a tiny hole smaller than a speck of dust?

It´s not easy to work out where you come from or what happens after you no longer exist. Granddad is old so when he dies, will he shrink to a tiny seed and become a star far out in space.

While My and Py help grandad to bring in wood to keep the fire going, these thoughts keep popping up. Thank goodness there´s enough wood to keep the fire burning all night long and maybe even longer—– perhaps forever……

“Before there was me” evokes thoughts in both young and old readers about our place in an immense universe.  And remember, it´s always more important to wonder and ask questions than to get answers.

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