Billie: Departure 9:42 to the New Life

Swedish title: Billie. Avgång 9:42 till nya livet

Series: Billie

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 19-01-2016

Format: 125 x197 mm, 176 pages

Billie: Departure 9:42 to the New Life

Sara Kadefors

Departure 9:42 to the New Life is the first book about Billie who has been placed in a foster home in the middle of nowhere. But this is not a depressing social realistic story, quite the opposite. It is Billie who makes others grow, in the family and in the small town. She has an amazing ability to change things just by being who she is, an intuitive hero while at the same time being a completely normal girl, far from her town, far from her mother. In the foster home in the tidy house lives a cold mother, an overzealous father and two children who behave very oddly. But street-smart Billie is not the type of person who gets depressed or gives up. Instead she decides to fit it. And so she soon has lots of friends and completely new hobbies that she thinks are great: bicycle rides, ping pong practice and the gospel choir. But Billie soon realizes that the people around her lead a difficult life. People have secrets and unreasonable conflicts. And above all there is something that is not spoken of in the family. What is actually going on?

Sara Kadefors is originally a radio journalist. In 2001 the young people’s novel Sandor slash Ida was released and awarded the August Prize, made into a film and translated into many languages. Since then she has continued to write books for young people and adults as well as writing scripts for film, TV and theatre.

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