Billie: Everyone Together

Swedish title: Billie. Alla tillsammans

Series: Billie

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 23-04-2018

Format: 125x197 mm, 164 pages

Billie: Everyone Together

Sara Kadefors

People want to do things all the time. They want to be together, they want to be on their own, they want to move apart and, above all, they don’t want to tell anyone what they actually think and feel. And Billie really wants to know, because curiosity is her greatest strength. Sarah Kadefors’ books about Billie the foster-home girl focus on the everyday side of relationships and the series has won acclaim among readers and critics alike.

Life with her foster family continues co surprise. Who would have thought that the perfect couple in the brown house were the type to have a crisis?

There’s a strange atmosphere between them on one of the Persson family’s days out in the countryside. Everyone is freezing cold and wants to be somewhere else rather than be sitting on a log in the woods with a knife in their hands, grilling their sausages over the fire in complete silence. Then one-day Petra and Mange announce that they are going to rake turns, living every other week alone in an apartment in Solkullen. They are not going to get divorced, just give each other some space. Billie doesn’t understand anything of what is going on.

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