Billie, you’re the best

Swedish title: Billie. Du är bäst

Series: Billie

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 13-01-2017

Format: 125x197 mm, 176 pages

Billie, you’re the best

Sara Kadefors

Billie’s optimism and curiosity are her strength, even when the October’s sky lies low and secrets are still kept behind closed doors. Sara Kadefors book series on Billie has been praised by readers and critics.


Billie still lives with family Persson in Bokarp. Life at the foster family continues to come with its lot of surprises and new activities for Billie, ranging from leave raking to night orienteering. The heavy feeling that filled the house has now been given a name – Casper, the little brother who died in an accident. It felt like lifting a lid. But there are more things to consider. It seems that Alvar and his cousin Douglas hate each other for real. Why? No one wants to tell Billie. She therefore singlehandedly decides to invite Douglas in on Alvar’s birthday. It will not be the biggest success. At school, Billie is very much appreciated. When she is chosen to be in the Friends Scheme at school, she feels like she is simply not enough, that she cannot help everyone the way she would want to, and gets overwhelmed. Everyone wants Billie’s attention and want to confide in her. Everyone except perhaps Douglas. He deliberately avoids Billie’s gaze at school, but it awakens something in her that she just cannot put into words.


Sara Kadefors sensitively portrays and questions human relations. The first book about Billie Departure 9:42 to the new Life was published in 2016.




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