Billy at the Hospital

Swedish title: Billy på sjukhus

Series: Billy

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 28-02-2011

Format: 32 pages, 190 x 260mm, colour

Billy at the HospitalBilly

Birgitta Stenberg, illustrated by Mati Lepp

Billy has to go to the hospital!

When Billy falls out of a tree and breaks his arm he has to spend the night in hospital. And that’s when the adventure begins because it’s not just Billy who’s up and creeping around at night…

Billy climbs higher and higher in the tree, he just wants to tickle Lotta’s feet but then he falls and OW! How his arm hurts! At the hospital the doctor says he has broken his arm and has to have it put in plaster and stay in hospital overnight, with his mum.

But Billy doesn’t get to be in hospital every day, and he can’t just sleep through this adventure! So when his mum has gone to sleep he creeps out into the corridor. And there he finds others who are awake…

Billy first saw the light of day in Billy and the Whistle in 1989, and since then Birgitta Stenberg and Mati Lepp have produced a further 13 books together. The stories about Billy and his sensitive, slightly more rebellious neighbour Lotta deal with human relationships and the drama which is part of a child’s life, for example experiencing your first outside toilet, fishing for crabs, travelling in a lift with two pigs, or how it feels to be jealous or really angry. Birgitta Stenberg writes about everyday adventures which interest small children, and Mati Lepp has created a “Billy world” which is reassuringly familiar: Billy’s room, his toys and the kitchen curtains appear in every book. And Billy’s signature, the spotted beret, is firmly in place at all times and in every situation!

This is the sixteenth book about Billy.

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