Billy Gets Angry

Swedish title: Billy blir arg

Series: Billy

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 12-07-2006

Format: 32 pages, colour illustrations, 190 x 260 mm

Billy Gets Angry

Birgitta Stenberg, illustrated by Mati Lepp

It doesn’t happen often, but like everybody else, Billy gets angry sometimes. This is the thirteenth book about Billy, and the first one where he’s really cross!
One day when Billy wakes up, everything is different: his teddy bear is lying on the floor, and the rain is pouring down the window. But the teddy bear doesn’t look at all sad. He’s smiling just the way he always does. Then Billy gets cross! The feeling is in his head and his in stomach, and suddenly he wants to shout out something nasty. His anger lasts all morning. Even when it stops raining and Billy goes outside to meet cross Lotta and the others, he’s still angry.

With his familiar style of drawing and naïve illustrations, Mati Lepp clearly highlights the contrasts within these strong feelings. As usual the colour scale is warm and bright, and the pictures are easy for children to identify with, both in the everyday environment and in the situations depicted.

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