Birdsong on your Doorstep

Swedish title: Fågelsång runt knuten - Sveriges vanligaste fåglar i ljud och bild

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Animals & Nature

Pub date: 27-02-2013

Format: Format 165x187, 144 pages, 4 C, CD

Birdsong on your Doorstep

Jan Pedersen, illustrated by Jony Eriksson

The handy singing bird book!

Jan Pedersen is one of Sweden’s most renowned wildlife and nature photographers and writers and author of Sveriges fåglar – fälthandbok för alla, Fågelresor and the highly popular Fågelsång. His new book is an educational and interesting guide to birds that we can find on our doorstep. Birdsong on your Doorstep introduces us to Sweden’s most common bird species and is the perfect choice for anyone interested in learning more about our flying friends. The book gives brief descriptions of the birds’ songs, why they sing and what their songs mean and is accompanied by beautiful birdsong on CD. Jan Pedersen also gives us interesting and expert insight into the lives of the birds and tells us where we can find them. A unique birdsong key also helps us to identify each bird’s melody. Birdsong on your Doorstep serves as both an essential field guide and an inspiring read at your kitchen table or in your armchair.

Birdsong on your Doorstep is accompanied by a CD containing the songs and calls of all the species. The book also includes stunning photographs and some beautiful drawings by the illustrator and landscape artist Jony Eriksson.

Jan Pedersen is a photographer, author and nature enthusiast. He has travelled all over the world in search of wildlife and leading adventure tours. He has also written six bird and nature books.

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