Swedish title: Birgit Nilsson : från Västra Karup till Metropolitan

Category: General Non-Fiction / Biography & Memoir

Pub date: 24-04-2018

Format: 195x260 mm, 224 pages

BirgitFrom Västra Karup to Metropolitan

Elisabeth Meyer-Topsøe

This biography has been written by Birgit’s longstanding friend Elisabeth Meyer­Topsoe. She tells the reader about Birgit’s childhood on a farm in southern Sweden, her studies and her fantastic career, which achieved international status in the late 1950s. The author also gives her view of Birgit as a person and relates many things that Birgit didn’t mention in her autobiography LA NILSSON.

The majority of the photos come from the Birgit Nilsson Museum’s collections, but some come from other archives. Many of them have never previously been published. Something special about this book are the pictures from Birgit’s parents and the Birgit Nilsson Museum in Svenstad. Letters, diaries and other documents will be cited, and some of them photographed with memorabilia, making beautiful collages. An important chapter is about Birgit’s death and funeral, which her husband Bertil managed to keep secret from the media for 17 days.

The book is being produced in collaboration with the Birgit Nilsson Museum in Skåne. The Danish soprano Elisabeth Meyer­Topsoe was a student and close friend of Birgit for 27 years, until Birgit’s death in 2005.

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